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Japanese tourists often have to wait Meili mountain in the crowd, but we do not see it necessarily be attributed to them, in fact they are very poor up, so far they have to come down and go up! But those from Europe and even foreigners in Switzerland, is not like us to let go of clean socks and all the best to bring sunscreen. Must go to look at Russia's "Double Eagle" emblem, ah, I do not know too curious for the famous Russian doll how are you feeling! Say what it would not be a bit of white clay soil? In winter, a little thick, very lady. Yi Lin is a skirt, lady type. I am a straight short hair, white skin side. Thin white socks or not ah? Shoes? High-heeled or flat with the relatively good? Such as over socks lace lining would be more lovely, with a milky white shoes you can, because the socks are white shoes with bright colors and lovely version if you want to be a bit shoes with lace or a bow with a smaller socks can choose if you want to Japan trade shop to look at the kind of pale pink bow stockings bud looks great to see a lot of Japanese girls wearing the kind of fertilizer down heap socks look good What is the name ah? bubble socks, hosiery are lovely type bubble The balls qwaqwa bubble that want to wear a skirt Kawai pinch, but the leg is not very thin, what color socks to wear it should look thinner? The best choice Spring socks in dark colors color-based, black, purple or dark green, these colors can be, do not wear gray and stripes, plaid, or a more lovely color, so the overall look does not feel very thick legs, and very fashionable, like many Japanese girl on the kind worn magazine, is the most adorable shoe-shaped support frame. Simply hook broken long stockings or thinning of old socks stuffed loose heel is complete. We often like to wear a pair of shoes has been its habit. But this way, the shoes can not do every day as a result of proper use of the self through the socks, size is just right. Kind of sports socks, towel socks and the like, we do not imitate or recommendation of what the original single shipment, thank you the best sports brand Taobao Oh thank you thank you can introduce a few good and some to sell this house, only 5 yuan a pair, the price is quite affordable I sent you is black and gray two kinds oh accordance with your request, I can help you find this, hoping to meet your requirements - this is NIKE should be in line with why we want for Christmas The origin of Christmas Day and then put something from the chimney when he fell on socks so later on followed this story hehe. Baidu story is to say: There is a legend of the decline of the aristocracy hearted, life is very difficult. Three they lived a happy life and happy Christmas stockings thus produced. Hey. Such as the title! Preferably with pictures provided or website! Oh, the following will be very cute knee socks matched with a pair of shoes lovely spot on the line simply leisure, white ordinary half off, there is no pattern or pattern very cute, small speakers can wear skirts below, or straight jeans, shoes on matched with a pair of canvas below knee socks! xixi! shoes lovely spot on the line the best choice for spring socks color to dark colors, black, purple or dark green, these colors can be, do not wear gray and stripes, grid, or more lovely color, so the overall look does not feel very thick legs, and very stylish, just like the kind of Japanese girls on many magazines worn, Japan has those Tide brand it? Tell me about it! (Eg: PLAY, BAPE, etc.) Thank you! And the impact of his work has been leading the fashion trend of the sector __ Japan. As for the main fight cute girl clothing brands BEAMSBOY, then in April 1998 opened its first independent shop in Shibuya, Tokyo, is now four and twenty points of sale in Japan. Japan must play boldly lead the trend was started by BAPE,

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